La Galera Produce Services

You can trust us to provide expert knowledge on all our produce commodities. Allow us to recondition our produce for you with our state-of-the-art ripening room to custom ripen produce to your preference.

LGX Logistics is another important strategic partner to La Galera Produce. LGX Logistics hauls produce from any shipping point to the Chicago International Produce Market terminal. The company is equipped with a fleet of refrigerated trucks to transport any produce commodities at proper temperature.

Produce Expertise


Our salespeople have over 200 years of combined expertise working in the produce industry. That makes us the best at what we do! Give us a call for a more personal conversation about the commodities you’re most interested in and let our knowledge help you grow your store with the best selection of vegetables and fruits on the market!

Local Delivery


We are proud to offer same-day local delivery. Please talk to your salesperson about last-minute orders and rest assured that we will always do our best to accommodate your needs.

Custom Ripening


Our ripening rooms use natural ethylene gas which is a plant-based hormone to ripen your produce to perfection. The process is easy- you tell us how you want your produce, then expect to receive it that way!

LGX Logistics


Our in-house logistics fleet is ready to deliver your out of state order 7 days a week! LGX’s temperature-controlled, state of the art trucks are prepared to ensure your delivery is fresh from the moment it leaves our warehouse all the way up until you receive it.